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Amici Aloe works only with Italian producers. The used aloe is exclusively Aloe Arborescens, tested and well-known as the richest one of active principles between the more 200 varieties of aloe in the world.

All the used trees are farmed exclusively with traditional production techniques, respecting the biological and natural rhythm of aloe, as the change of seasons. No artificial treatment is used, even heating in greenhouses.

All the used Aloe Arborescens leaves comes exclusively from Italy, so they can be worked immediately after harvesting to guarantee their freshness at the use moment.

Personal Use
Besides of compounds made of entire leaves of micronized Aloe Arborescens, honey and hydroalchoolic extracts, we can send Aloe Arborescens plants to everyone ask it.

Business Supplying
We provide high quality aloe even in large quantities to all firms interested in marketability or trasformation of our Aloe Arborescens products.

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